Text 12 Sep No more traveling for BK - 9:56am

Last week I was given the opportunity to transfer to our shipping / receiving dept. So I don’t have to travel anymore. I missed my family & friends way too much, & the traveling is just not for everyone. I’m really liking my new job and am glad I still get to work for Jordan Tech!

Text 31 Aug Another great Juice Recipe

Last night for dinner I had a great fruit juice! By far the best so far!

2 Cups Blueberries
16 Strawberries
2 Kiwi’s
1/4 Cup Mint Leaves

Wow! That was great!

Text 30 Aug The good news!

The past year has opened up a new chapter in my Christian life. I challenge those who do have faith in the Lord to re think the gospel. I think it’s easy for us to be comfortable by the idea that we have made a decision to accept Jesus in our lives and that if were a good person, than were right with God.

I have come to learn that thinking this way can make us look at the Gospel incorrectly. We have to really remember daily how dirty and sinful we really are. Even in tithing, good works, prayer, bible study, “we have earned nothing!”. God has adopted us, and we should thank God daily for the Gospel. Talk about true joy, remembering that it’s not about a decision we have made, it’s about what HE has done!

I hope you are reminded this morning how powerful the Gospel is in our lives!

Text 29 Aug I’ve Joined the reboot!

I realized that my weight and health is starting to get out of hand. I feel terrible when I wake up. When playing Disc Golf I tire quickly. And I don’t demand to have 6 pack, but I’d like to get rid of this keg I’m carrying around. 210lbs this morning. Attempting to get down to about 175lbs maybe a little less.

I found a documentary on Netflix called “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead” where an Australian man by the name of Joe Cross weighed over 300 lbs, and decided enough is enough, and consumed nothing but vegetable & fruit juice made at home with a juicer for 60 days. He lost over 100lbs.

I made my first Reboot Juice this morning called Green Lemonade. I am not starting quite yet, but I am going to have 2 juices today to get me started, then over the next few days, go 100% juice. I will post my progress so people can follow. To learn more about it, Check out www.jointhereboot.com

Green Lemonade:

1 Green Apple
3 Handfuls of Spinach
6 Kale Leaves
1/2 Cucumber
1/2 Lemon
4 Celery Stalks

210 Calories
10g Protein
1g Fiber

I gotta say, it’s pretty good!

Text 25 Aug Last pitstop - 6:42pm

About 40 minutes from Mikes, then 2 more hours till I get home. See you all in a little while!

Photo 25 Aug After a hard days work in the truck

After a hard days work in the truck

Photo 25 Aug Blairsville!


Photo 25 Aug Kings Family Resteraunt in Pittsburg

Kings Family Resteraunt in Pittsburg

Text 25 Aug Almost done - 11:28am

The CEM Test is about finished. When it’s done, we can head to Indianapolis to take Mike home, then get me back to Eastwood. It’s going to be about 9:30 or so tonight when I get home. Looking forward to seeing my people’s! Pray for safe travels through this rain.

Text 25 Aug It’s tough - 7:49am

I don’t know very many people who travel for a loving, but it is very difficult to deal with being gone so much. I am so stressed this morning. I’m having chest pain, and shortness of breath just thinking about not being able to be at home. Ugh. Trying to take deep breathes and calm myself since I am coming home today. But you don’t know how it feels until you yourself do it. In short… It sucks. I miss my family all the time! I’m gonna need a lot of hugs when I get home.

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